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In an escape room, people are locked in a room and they have a specified amount of time to get out. At CLUE Inn Escape, our time is 60 minutes to escape. During that time, the participant has to find different clues, puzzles, and enigmas in order to find the key to get out of the room. Doesn’t sound too hard right? Well, it can be, I’m not talking about puzzles like crosswords or word searches or even the traditional puzzle. I am talking about puzzles that make you think outside the box, puzzles that encourage teamwork. Escape rooms have many different puzzles and locks, in the current room at CLUE Inn Escape, we have 14 locks that need to be figured out before the 60 minutes runs out. Escape rooms are good for just about anything like; date night, girls night, double dates, prom dates, corporate team building, birthdays, holidays, or anything you can think of when you want to just have fun. CLUE Inn Escape offers a hands-on approach to team building. Our escape room allows employers the ability to assess the following characteristics of an effective team. Effective teams encompass the following skills: Communication – effective teams must know how to communicate with each other. Common Goal – Effective teams must be committed to a common goal. Ideas – Effective teams encourage new ideas from others. Diversity – Effective teams appreciate the diversity of other team members and feel open to express different opinions, ideas, and suggestions. Creative – Effective teams must be creative and unafraid to share opinions and suggestions. Leadership – Effective teams know

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