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A Life Skills Course Cleverly Embedded with Magic Lessons!
(Your kids will also learn the COOLEST magic tricks, all custom made for this program!)

Our mission is to change lives, one at a time - by encouraging and enabling children and youth to have the communication skills and confidence necessary for the remainder of their lives. All of our programs are designed around the future of our children. Communication skills are disappearing in our youth - and it gets worse with each passing year.

Utilizing the internationally recognized Discover Magic program, your kids will learn not only confidence - but communication skills that will stick with them for their entire lives!

Help your kids put down their devices and start communicating while learning skills that will positively change their future!

While your kids learn some AMAZING magic, they will also learn the 8 traits of a True Magician! Things like creativity, respect, and confidence are part of each lesson as we talk about what REAL magic consists of.


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